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Business Sales & Automation


Lead Generation

Lead generation builds visibility, credibility & interest from a specific group of people. To drive traffic from high-quality prospects by focusing on lead generation to get high-value customers 

Email Marketing Automation

Drive visits and revenue for your business by creating automation for Email marketing because these emails are personalized & hyper-relevant automatic emails for the readers. As a result, they are opened & clicked more frequently.


Losing a customer because you couldn't respond on time is a big loss for any business. Whatsapp automation saves you from such a loss by sending automated messages. Automation helps you create a message flow that reduces your response time.

WhatsApp Marketing

SMS Marketing Automation

SMS marketing automation helps you reach customers on the go & provides an exceptional experience at all times. So connect directly with your customers with automated SMS marketing 


Communication in the internet age has become a glorious thing & it is a game-changer when it comes to connecting to curious customers. Therefore automated responses are an easier way to tackle such customers

Facebook messenger Automation

Our leave approval management system makes leave requests & leave approval easy to use. As it is operated online, leave planning & approval is accessible from anywhere using any device.


Leave Approval Management


Task delegation Management

Get a detailed insight into employees’ productivity & daily activities. Assign specific tasks to your employees to identify their potential.

It entails the routine monitoring of activities, progress & performance of the employees


Daily Reporting Setup

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