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Content Creation


SEO Content

Content creation should be of utmost priority when thinking about SEO. SEO content should always be useful & unique as it is the keystone of the efforts you put in, & the success of it depends on its quality.

Blogging Content

It is through blogs that you entice people to your website. We provide perfect blogging content for your website that brings new customers & keeps them engaged as well as updated to your website. We also use keywords in the content that upgrades your website ranking.


Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Email marketing content increases reach, impact & customer satisfaction. Email content should be written in the right way in order to build & maintain customer relationships.

Social Media Content

Social media content plays a key role in content marketing, it offers a company various marketing possibilities. But the most important aspect of social media content is its authenticity, we provide authentic and honest content that helps build your brand name on social media platforms.


Courses Creation


Create & Sell course

Now create & sell courses on your own platform. Selling courses online can help your business reach new markets, increase your sales & revenue.

Integrate your platform with Zoom & YouTube. Create live lectures, videos lecture & webinars on YouTube. By providing this, students can attend classes, lectures or webinars from anywhere at any time.


Zoom & YouTube Integration


Secure Video Recording

We provide you with a safe & secure video recording system that prohibits students from recording live master class but allows teachers to record them safely.

Student Attendance Report

Keep a track of your student's attendance by this system. It provides an attendance history of the student, date of attendance, timeslot, class name along with the duration of a student's attendance. 


Online Quiz & Assessment

You teach, which means you need to know what students do and don't understand, which means you need to assess. Make your lectures interactive with online quizzes and assessments and also know about your student's knowledge.

Mobile Learning Capability

The emerging technologies & tools have paved the way for learning that can harness the power, speed & ubiquity of digital capability. Our mobile-friendly system helps students easily learn on their smartphones.


Personalized learning paths

This method allows learning to be individualized according to each student's strengths. It helps students to gain more ownership of their learning.

Awards & Certificates

One of the most important aspects of learning online is certification & awards, which helds students with expertise in a particular area & validates their knowledge.

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