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  • Prashant Pillai

3 reasons why Content is the real King

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

We have been hearing for years now that the “Content is the King”, so if it still holds true even today, there has to be some truth to it. Content has evolved over the years - from prints to digital - but its influence is still pertinent in all aspects. This is probably the primary reason that content strategy holds its importance while discussing marketing plans.

While creating a content strategy, it is necessary to have focused, original, authentic content instead of using the one-size-fits-all approach. If your content checks the boxes of entertaining, interesting and relevant it will surely attract your customers to your product and services. Whether your preferred content is a post, blog, infographics, podcasts, videos, ensure there is a strategy behind it that relays your brand image.

Let’s have a look at why Content is the real King.

Better the content, better the SEO.

When it comes to reaching your audience, SEO plays a very important role in your marketing strategy. For this to work, high-quality, unique content has the most significant effect on your SEO score and rank. The richer, relevant and unique your content is, the higher chance to drive traffic to your website, blog, or even social media. What’s more, if your content speaks a natural language with naturally-placed keywords, it would increase your organic search reach as well.

Ergo, good content helps you increase your brand, product and service visibility on the Google search as well as brand awareness to the audience.

Gets you relevant customer engagement.

Not every post, video, blog, infographics or articles receive likes, comments and shares. There might be some who receive just 8 likes and 0 comments, while others get viral within 2 days of posting. What is the difference? It is undoubtedly the content, be it visual or text or both. Good, relevant content is one that makes the user pause through the noise that is present on the internet today. If you can get your target user to pause, it will definitely generate meaningful engagement that would further convert into demand generation and sales.

Creating brand awareness.

Your business exists for a reason, and it is necessary that your customers are aware of it. For this to happen, you need to have a mix of informative, educational and help guides available for your audience to go through. Additionally, be careful while creating informative content, that it is not boring. This is the reason why we almost never go through the user guides that accompany our electronic appliance but rather search how-to videos or go to Wiki-how. The difference being the content representation, which is what the content creators have to always be wary about while creating.

Finally, having a content strategy is not enough, you need to keep on reviewing and adapt according to the changing trends and your business needs. To get started with this, if you are looking for expert advice on content solutions while you take your education business online, book your appointment today here.

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